Our services concentrate on results and are aimed at providing solutions - to ensure your business is performing at its optimum potential through deliverables such as:

  • improved planning and design
  • improved workflows (designing standard operating procedures)
  • feasibility studies
  • audits, analysis and advice
  • staff training ( through the services of LDCT)


  • Cost analysis including IRR and NPV computations
  • Production analysis
  • Work flow analysis
  • Analysis of services including electrical supply, water and gas
  • Environmental analysis

Facility Planning

  • Site selection and analysis
  • Planning and design of laundry and valet services
  • Equipment layout
  • Equipment specifications and sourcing (please note we have no affiliation with any supplier)
  • Planning for future growth

Process improvement

  • Study and estimate of linen loads
  • Linen selection to match processing capabilities of laundry
  • Specialist training (read more below)
  • Energy resource efficiency review
  • OH&S Reviews and Risk Management Assessment

Project Management

  • Cost estimates for the project
  • Planning, scheduling and monitoring
  • Post implementation reviews

Specialist training

We are in the unique position of being able to offer accredited training for laundry and valet staff.

The level of training is from Australian Certificate Level III in either laundry or valet operation, through to more general workshops tailored to the clients own requirements.

All training is conducted on site by a fully trained and accredited staff member.
Contact us for further information on training content and structure.

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